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By AAL Podiatry Associates
July 26, 2022
Category: Foot Care
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Your feet are so important to your ability to be mobile. If they are causing you pain, it is hard to be active and truly enjoy life. Finding a podiatrist in Norfolk and Suffolk, VA is not difficult, Dr. Jesse Anderson of AAL Podiatry Associates runs a comprehensive podiatry office that can help get to the bottom of any foot or ankle issues you may have. 

Pain in Your Foot or Ankle

Pain in your foot or ankle is not normal and if every step that you take is painful, you need to make an appointment to visit a podiatrist in Suffolk, Norfolk, VA. So many things can cause you to have pain in your foot or ankle. The podiatrist will examine your foot and ankle and, if necessary, take an x-ray. X-rays only help with issues of the bone. For soft tissue problems, you will need an MRI. If your pain is in your heel, it may be a heel spur. If the pain is in your ankle, it may be osteoarthritis.  

Changes to Your Toenails

Your toenails are a reflection of your general health and if they become thickened, discolored, or infected, you should get in to see your podiatrist asap. Toenail fungus is a common condition that many people suffer from. Your podiatrist has treatments that work better than OTC products. An infected toenail may be ingrown and there are a few options for how it can be treated. If you see a dark streak under or around a toenail, this can be a sign of skin cancer. 

Foot Skin Issues

If the skin on your feet is dry, cracked, or blistered, this requires some attention so that it doesn't get infected. You need to check your feet for any signs of skin cancer. That means even looking between your toes. If the skin on your foot is itchy, red, and burning, you may have athlete's foot, which is a fungal infection. 

Numbness in Your Feet

If you are feeling a decrease in sensation and a feeling of numbness or tingling in your feet, it may be peripheral neuropathy. This happens most often in people who are diabetic, but it can be caused by a few other things including arthritis and infection.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should visit a podiatrist. For a podiatrist in Norfolk and Suffolk, VA, you can count on Dr. Anderson of AAL Podiatry Associates. You can reach our office on the phone at (757) 625-2962 in Norfolk and (757) 539-2098 in Suffolk or you can use the request an appointment button on our website.

By AAL Podiatry Associates
July 18, 2022
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Ingrown Toenail  

Are you dealing with a painful toenail? It could be an ingrown toenail.

Any ingrown toenail happens when the edge of a toenail, typically the big toenail, grows into the skin. As you might imagine, it can be pretty painful (but if you have one, we certainly don’t have to tell you). If you suspect you might have an ingrown toenail but are unsure, here’s what you should know, including telltale signs of one.

Why Do Ingrown Toenails Happen?

There are many reasons why you could be dealing with an ingrown toenail. Of course, one of the most common causes is not trimming your toenail correctly. Didn’t realize there was a right and wrong way to keep your toe? Well, there is! If you trim your nails too short or cut them at a curve (rather than straight), you may be prone to developing an ingrown toenail.

Ingrown toenails can also happen if you’ve recently injured the toe (even stubbing your toe counts) or if your shoes are just a little too tight.

What Are the Symptoms of an Ingrown Toenail?

If you have an ingrown toenail, the first symptom you may experience is foot pain around the affected nail. The area may also be red, swollen or tender to the touch.

When Should I Call My Foot Doctor?

While soaking the toe and allowing it time to heal (you better stop wearing those tight-fitted shoes during this time!) can often be all that’s needed to manage your symptoms until the nail is healthy again, some circumstances warrant visiting us for care including,

  • When at-home measures haven’t improved your symptoms within three days
  • When the pain gets worse (this could be a sign of infection)
  • When the toe becomes severely swollen, is warm to the touch or begins to drain pus
  • If you have nerve damage in your feet, diabetes or circulation problems

If in doubt about whether you may be dealing with an ingrown toenail, call your podiatrist to find out if your symptoms warrant coming in for a consultation. If you develop increased redness and pain, fever or skin that’s warm to the touch, these are signs of an infection, and it’s important that you turn to your foot doctor immediately.

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