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By AAL Podiatry Associates
March 01, 2021
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Custom-made orthotics from your podiatrist in Norfolk, and Suffolk, VA, can help your feet

Do your feet hurt? Did you know that custom-made orthotics can help you and your feet feel better? The truth is, orthotics can cushion your feet, help you walk without discomfort, and treat many foot and ankle issues. Let’s face it when your feet hurt, the rest of you probably hurts too!

Dr. Jesse Anderson of AAL Podiatry Associates offers a wide range of foot care services, including orthotics. He has two convenient office locations in Norfolk, and Suffolk, VA, to help you and your feet feel better.

Custom-made orthotics from your podiatrist are different from orthotics you can buy over-the-counter; they are made uniquely for your feet, to treat issues involving your feet and help relieve your foot pain.

If you are having foot problems related to tendon or joint strain, you can benefit from rigid orthotics, made of hard plastic components. Rigid orthotics provide excellent support for your feet and can relieve strain on your legs and lower back too.

If you play sports or enjoy walking or jogging, your feet can take a beating, experiencing a lot of foot stress. Semi-rigid orthotics are a great choice for you. They provide support and cushioning because they use a combination of soft and hard materials.

If you are having foot pain due to diabetes, your podiatrist may recommend soft orthotics, made entirely of soft, cushioned materials. Soft orthotics can also help relieve foot pain associated with arthritis or bone deformities, and they can also help with balance issues.

You need to care for your feet, so your feet can take care of you, and orthotics can help. To find out more about the benefits and types of orthotics, talk with an expert by calling Dr. Jesse Anderson of AAL Podiatry Associates. You can reach him in Norfolk, VA, at (757) 625-2962, or in Suffolk, VA, at (757) 539-2098, so call now!


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