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By AAL Podiatry Associates
January 06, 2021
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Foot infections can cause pain and discomfort and may even put you at risk of health complications in some cases. Fortunately, your podiatrist in Suffolk and Norfolk, VA, Dr. Jesse Anderson, offers treatments for a variety of foot infections, including these types of infections.

Athlete's foot

Itchy athlete's foot occurs as a result of a fungal infection that you may have picked up in a public shower or locker room or from a family member who has the infection. Although over-the-counter products can be helpful if you have a mild infection, drugstore products aren't always strong enough to treat more severe or stubborn athlete's foot infections.

Your Suffolk and Norfolk foot doctor can prescribe a topical medication that can reach the deeper layers of your skin. Oral anti-fungal medication may also be helpful in some cases.

Toenail fungus

A fungal infection is also responsible for your yellow toenails. Because the fungus can lurk in the deepest layers of your nails and on your nail bed, drugstore products may not turn your nails clear. Topical medications prescribed by your foot doctor can penetrate all the layers of your nail, killing the fungus. Oral anti-fungal medication and laser treatment are other options.

Infected wound

Did you step on a nail, piece of glass, or slash the top of your foot? Cuts, particularly puncture wounds, can become infected if bacteria from your skin and other surfaces begin to grow in the wound. Your wound may be infected if it's painful, red, or warm. You may also notice red streaks on your skin or pus on the wound. A fever can also accompany an infection.

Call the podiatry office right away if you suspect that you have an infected wound. You may need antibiotics and other treatments to kill the bacteria and heal your wound.

Diabetic sores and ulcers

Sores and ulcers are more likely to become infected if you have diabetes. The disease slows healing and can turn a simple burst blister into a serious, life-threatening infection. Don't wait for signs of infection to occur before you call the foot doctor. By then, the infection may be very difficult to treat.

If you're diagnosed with a diabetic foot infection, you may need to take antibiotics and wear a boot for a little while to reduce pressure on your foot. Other treatments may be needed if the infection is severe or has spread to your leg.

Are you concerned about a foot infection? Schedule a visit with your Suffolk and Norfolk, VA, podiatrist, Dr. Jesse Anderson. Call (757) 625-2962 to make an appointment for the Norfolk office or (757) 539-2098 for the Suffolk office.

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