Pediatric Orthotics

Pediatric Orthotics In Suffolk and Norfolk, VA

Foot and ankle problems in children can arise due to various reasons, such as developmental issues, injury, or genetic predispositions. These issues can affect their mobility, posture, and overall quality of life. Common problems include flat feet, toe walking, and in-toeing or out-toeing. Pediatric orthotics in Suffolk and Norfolk, VA, specialized devices designed to support and correct foot and ankle abnormalities, can offer significant help. These orthotics provide support, stability, and proper alignment to the feet, aiding in the correction of gait abnormalities and promoting healthy development. Dr. Jesse Anderson at AAL Podiatry Associates offers pediatric orthotic services to promote foot and ankle health. With extensive experience and expertise in pediatric podiatry, Dr. Anderson understands the unique needs of children and tailors treatment plans to each individual. He utilizes the latest advancements in orthotic technology to provide effective solutions for children's foot and ankle problems.

Pediatric Orthotics: A Comprehensive Guide

Pediatric orthotics are specialized devices designed to support and correct musculoskeletal issues in children. These can range from braces to shoe inserts, tailored to address conditions like flat feet, cerebral palsy, or scoliosis. Parents can expect a thorough evaluation process by Dr. Anderson, who will assess their child's needs through physical examination, gait analysis, and imaging tests. Dr. Anderson will then customize a treatment plan, explaining the purpose of each device and its expected outcomes. Once the orthotic devices are final, parents should anticipate an adjustment period for their child. It may involve discomfort initially, but it's crucial to encourage gradual adaptation and consistent wear as prescribed. Regular follow-up appointments will allow for adjustments and monitoring of progress. Parents should also receive education on proper care and maintenance of the orthotics, including cleaning instructions and signs of wear or discomfort to watch for.

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At AAL Podiatry Associates, we understand the importance of your child's foot health. If your child experiences discomfort, difficulty walking, or displays abnormal foot structure, it's time to schedule a visit with us. Our caring team specializes in pediatric orthotics and will provide personalized attention to address your concerns. Early intervention prevents future complications and ensures your child's comfort and mobility.

Please explore our website to learn about the conditions we treat and the services provided. For more information about pediatric orthotics in Suffolk and Norfolk, VA, book an appointment with Dr. Jesse Anderson at AAL Podiatry Associates. Dr. Anderson operates a family-owned practice and served the Western Tidewater Area Since 1955. We take pride in being one of the oldest podiatry offices in Virginia and have treated generations of patients. You can call 757-625-2962 for our Norfolk office and 757-539-2098 for our Suffolk location.

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